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H2H Party Points are the easiest and most economical way to pack your event with the finest entertainment!  Earning party points couldn’t be easier.  For every $1000 spent, you’ll receive 100 party points.  Additionally, you can earn party points by referring a friend or family member to H2Htpe.  Save up your party points and spend them on any of the fabulous event enhancements listed below like our incredible Fusion Photo Booth, Neon Fantasy PRIME and so much more!



Party Points can be earned in three ways:

  1. You begin earning Party Points when you book your DJ entertainment package.  For every $1000 spent, you earn 100 Party Points.  Example: If you book a DJ entertainment package for $5,000 you’ll earn 500 Party Points.
  2. Party Points can also be earned by recommending a friend or family member to H2Htpe.  Just have the recommended client mention your name and event date and once they book with H2H, you’ll earn 300 Party Points!
  3. Sign up to be an H2Htpe V.I.P. (below) and earn 100 bonus Party Points.

You can spend your Party Points on any of our Event Enhancements listed above.  Party Points work much like airline miles.  They can be used to reduce the price of an Enhancement or completely purchase an Enhancement (if you’ve earned enough points).

You can spend your Party Points at any time before your party date.  Please contact one of our Event Specialists to apply your Party Points.

Yes, your Party Points expire 30 days after your event date (the day of your party).  However, if you book your next event with H2H before your points expire, we’ll be happy to roll them over to your next event booking with H2H as long as the new DJ entertainment package is of equal or greater value.

No, Party Points cannot be transferred to another H2Htpe client.

No, Party Points cannot be applied to your DJ entertainment package / balance.  Party Points can only be applied toward our Event Enhancements listed above.

No, Party Points cannot be combined with any other H2Htpe offers / specials.

Become an H2Htpe V.I.P.

Receive the Very Best Pricing on All of Our Amazing Entertainment Options!